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Alvaro Coronadoís state of the art, patent-pending design consists of a series of interlocking parts. In Minutes, without any special tools, you can easily switch out your gemstones creating a new color or pattern, making you the owner of a timeless piece of jewelry of superb craftsmanship.

The design has many uses beyond family heritage; fans can display team support, make it a beautiful fashion accessory, insert colors to proudly display your alma mater, your flag colors, nationality, and civic association. The list is endless.

Go from solids, to stripes to checkerboard, for work or play, by day or by night with a simple open, slide and close movement. Designed by Alvaro Coronado to make life just that easy.


Definitely not for men only
Alvaro Coronado makes a successful play to connect jewelry, team color, and team spirit and team sports.

  • Colombian born jewelry designer, Alvaro Coronado scores a winning goal with his team color jewelry creation.
  • Sports fans everywhere, donít miss the newest sports wave to proudly display support for your favorite sports teams.
  • Sports fans can now show true team spirit 24/7. Youíre no longer limited to showing your team colors on the playing field or with painted walls in your room.
  • Alvaro Coronado announces the latest rage in wearing your favorite team colors whether on the field or off with the versatile use of his two newest creations, The Generation Keepsake Ring and Pendant. Football, Baseball, Soccer, Nascar and all professional, college and international fans, can showcase your team passion and support with the ingenuity of Alvaro Coronadoís sports jewelry design that allows YOU to change your team colors with the change of sport seasons.
  • Even more amazing, the beautiful color gemstones that represent your teams are designed so you can switch them back and forth from sports season to season.

Alvaro Coronado has created a single piece of jewelry of unparalleled applications with infinite combinations and endless possibilities.


Definitely not for women only
Alvaro Coronado makes Fashion Sense redefined the word ďensembleĒ in fashion couture.

The age-old question is: What do women want?

Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, of course. Jewelry designer Alvaro Coronado adds, so do men.

He knows because he has been designing jewelry for men and woman for over 40 years. And whatís more he says, with the array of colorful gemstones he has to offer thereís no reason to stop there. Choose from the classic old to the beautiful and new bold. Pick from demure pastels to shocking primaries.

Where do you start? Just start by mixing and matching your gemstones to your wardrobe.

Order the soft blue hues of sapphire, topaz or turquoise to accent your jeans by day.

Switch out your stones to classic black onyx for dinner at night or sassy sapphire to PPPPAAAAARRRTTTYYYY!!!

Alvaro Coronado fashion jewelry brings men and woman center stage.

Your Ring and Pendant will never be out of style, nor will you.


Not for kids only
Alvaro Coronado gets an ďA+Ē report card by students and alumni both by adding Class to his Classic Designs

  • Alvaro Coronado, jewelry designer, believes only a box of precious metal is worthy enough to preserve the riches of your education. It is with that in mind that Alvaro Coronado designed and beautifully crafted his Generation Keepsake Ring and Generation Keepsake Pendant to celebrate your Alma Mater.
  • Those wishing to exemplify quality in education, now choose Alvaro Coronado quality jewelry to proudly and patriotically display their school colors.
  • Each Generation Keepsake Ring and Generation Keepsake Pendant is enhanced with precious keepsake color gemstones, chosen by Alvaro Coronado, to equal the richness of your school colors.
  • Alvaro Coronado sets a trend by designing a brand new look in school jewelry. Alvaro Coronado designs prove that time-honored traditions donít require you to be out of style.
  • The ingenuity of Alvaro Coronadoís keepsake design allows for change, growth and the budget-minded. You can start with your high school colors. Since changing stones lies in the hands of the wearer, you can switch keepsake stones when you graduate from college. Change schools, change color keepsake stones.
  • Itís designed to make life just that easy.
Alvaro Coronado design uses are limitless. Personalize to represent your causes, civic organizations, fraternities, sororities, nationality.

How do you begin your path to everlasting style? Itís easy.
Order your Generation Keepsake Ring or Generation Keepsake pendant or both from our Order page.
Then have fun simply choosing your mix and match keepsake stones from our Order page.

Keepsake Stone - A Gem that Speaks Volumes

  • You can choose from Alvaro Coronadoís huge inventory of Keepsake Stones.

  • There are Alvaro Coronado Keepsake Stones in deep, rich vivid hues that Alvaro says speaks loud and bold.

  • There are Alvaro Coronado Keepsake Stones of pale and demure, softer hues still demanding attention but with a more subtle look at me attitude.

  • One Size fits all. A consumer himself, Alvaro Coronado has created his Keepsake Stone to fit both his ring and pendant mounting, keeping your desires as a wise shopper in mind.

  • Every gemstone is rich in color, rich in meaning and available in synthetic, lab-created, precious and semi-precious quality to fit any budget. The possibilities are endless.

  • And whatís more, because removing and replacing Keepsake Stones is within your control, you can start by choosing economical and affordable gemstones at first.

  • You can upgrade to precious and semi-precious stones at any time in the future. Our shopping lets you order all at once or stone by stone.

  • Whichever price option you choose, the workmanship and beauty wonít be compromised.
    Thatís a promise from Alvaro Coronado.

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