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Alvaro Coronado Generation Keepsake --That Special Gift That “Always Fits”

  “Wow, a Granny Generation Keepsake from the kids. Without a doubt my most cherished gift. No gift is more special to me than one that celebrates family and passes from generation to generation.”

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Second only to your Surname, the Generation Keepsake Ring and Pendant visually tell your family’s own personal story. The exciting news is thanks to the ingenuity of jewelry designer, Alvaro Coronado and his patent-pending design, you get to be the author.

Rich in tradition and modern in design, Alvaro Coronado’s Generation Keepsake jewelry is the only precious metal keepsake worthy of telling the story you write.

Choose your Coronado Keepsake Gemstones and begin creating your own Generation Keepsake

  • Birthday
  • Graduation
  • Bar Mitzvah or Confirmation
  • First tooth
  • Child's First Step
  • Crowned Miss America
  • First Car
  • Won First Race
  • First Job
  • College Loan Paid Off
  • Mortgage Paid in Full
  • Masters or Doctorate
  • Sweet Sixteen
  • Quinceanera

Thanks to the unique interlocking design by Alvaro Coronado, it’s the wearer who continues to create the design, not the jeweler.

The Generation Keepsake Ring and Pendant by Alvaro Coronado are truly exquisite. The greater secret, however, lies in their richer, deeper and more personal meaning. With craftsmanship befitting your family’s heritage, Alvaro Coronado’s Generation Keepsake jewelry proudly displays family occasions, events and lineage from generation to generation.

Recording history has never been more exciting than by the ritual of adding a beautiful and colorful Coronado Keepsake gemstone, rich in color, into your Coronado Generation Keepsake Ring or Coronado Generation Keepsake Pendant.

Keepsake Stone - A Gem that Speaks Volumes

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How it Works

Coronado Keepsake Gemstones celebrate any special family occasion
Each time you insert one of Alvaro Coronado’s investment quality keepsake gemstones into your Coronado Generation Keepsake Ring or Coronado Generation Keepsake Pendant, it is just like the stroke of a pen, and eternally registers another memory for safekeeping and for generations to come.

Imagine the beauty of each branch of your family tree represented by a hand-picked Coronado Keepsake gemstone offered in an array of the most vivid and brilliant colors. Each color stone is known to be the signature color ink of Alvaro Coronado indelibly marking your special moments family history and creating your family heirloom jewelry.

Order your Keepsake Stones
and begin creating your Generation Keepsake family heirloom
  • You can choose from Alvaro Coronado’s huge inventory of Keepsake Stones.

  • There are Alvaro Coronado Keepsake Stones in deep, rich vivid hues that Alvaro says speaks loud and bold.

  • There are Alvaro Coronado Keepsake Stones of pale and demure, softer hues still demanding attention but with a more subtle look at me attitude.

  • One Size fits all. A consumer himself, Alvaro Coronado has created his Keepsake Stone to fit both his ring and pendant mounting, keeping your desires as a wise shopper in mind.

  • Every gemstone is rich in color, rich in meaning and available in synthetic, lab-created, precious and semi-precious quality to fit any budget. The possibilities are endless.

  • And what’s more, because removing and replacing Keepsake Stones is within your control, you can start by choosing economical and affordable gemstones at first.

  • You can upgrade to precious and semi-precious stones at any time in the future. Our shopping lets you order all at once or stone by stone.

  • Whichever price option you choose, the workmanship and beauty won’t be compromised.
    That’s a promise from Alvaro Coronado.

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