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Alvaro Coronado Fundraising Opportunities for your School, Dojo, Association

The Obi Ring and Obi Pendant symbolize the highest standards in the disciplines of education, knowledge and personal best-- not only in the field of martial arts but in “The Way” of life.

Alvaro Coronado understands the cost and importance of quality, clearly demonstrated in every ring and pendant he creates. In an effort to make a difference and to further help students and teachers preserve the long and rich heritage of martial arts, his staff has been trained to partner with schools, associations and organization by offering fundraising opportunities packaged specifically for you.

The Obi Ring and Obi Pendant are unique symbols of dedication and commitment. Alvaro Coronado is dedicated and committed to support your school or organizations efforts to further education. Make Alvaro part of your team.

It couldn’t be easier to add a wonderful and exciting resource to your organization’s fundraising campaign. Just email us at Coronado@ObiRing.com or call 804-752-7788 and ask for our fundraising consultant.