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Obi Ring by Alvaro Coronado,
jewelry designer and martial artist

A beautifully crafted piece of martial arts jewelry; a shining symbol and visual tribute of your discipline, dedication and desire to master your own personal martial arts style recorded in centuries of history, rich in time-honored tradition, and forever rooted in culture and customs.

The Obi Ring is uniquely designed by Shotokan martial artist and jewelry designer, Alvaro Coronado. Alvaro's provisionally-patented design allows a martial arts student or master, of any style, to create a beautiful, lasting symbol that marks his/her own personal journey from white belt to black belt and beyond.

Through Coronado's ingenious design of interchangeable obi gemstones, the martial artist enhances the Coronado Obi Ring with hand-picked Obi Stones, rich in color and deep in meaning. The obi stones are offered in an array of colors to match your martial arts belt (obi) and acknowledge your rank.

Simply choose your Obi Stones to measure your past, present and future progress as a martial artist. The Obi Ring and its Obi Stones create a piece of martial art jewelry worthy of your dedication. The Obi Ring is a beautiful piece of martial arts jewelry to be admired by others, but to the martial artist, it secretly and privately signifies a much deeper meaning of pride and honor.

Order in Minutes with 3 Simple Steps
Step 1: Select Ring Type 14kt Yellow Gold ($2100.USD)
Sterling Silver ($650.USD)
Step 2: Select Ring Size Don't know your size? Click here for free ring sizer.

Step 3: Select your stones from the table below.

Each pendant holds 7 stones at one time, but our shopping cart allows you to order as many as you’d like.
Click here for some suggested stone color configurations.

Stone Color Philosophy Quantity of each Stone

The color of innocence. The mind and spirit are blank. The color of the beginner.   April imitation birthstone ($12.USD each)
  Cubic Zirconia  ($12.USD each)
  Genuine White Topaz ($15.USD each)
  Genuine Diamond ($650.USD each)

The color of the sun and newfound riches. One’s spirit, understanding and skill are dawning.   November imitation birthstone ($12.USD each)
  Genuine Lemon Quartz ($15.USD each)
  Genuine Yellow Citrine ($15.USD each)

The color of the sun setting. One’s skill and understanding have begun to grow towards new horizons.   Padparadscha imitation ($21.USD each)

The hot core of the sun. One learns to be more cautious as one’s knowledge and physical abilities increase. Skills and techniques need to be tempered with control and wisdom.   January imitation birthstone ($12.USD each)
  July imitation birthstone ($12.USD each)
  Genuine Rhodolite Garnet ($15.USD each)
  Lab Created Ruby Fine Quality ($65.USD each)
  Lab Created Ruby Gem Quality ($95.USD each)
  Genuine Ruby Low Grade ($125.USD each)
  Genuine Ruby A Quality ($250.USD each)
  Genuine Ruby AA Quality ($325.USD each)

The color of growth, grass and forest. One’s spirit begins to absorb light, blossom and bear fruit.   May imitation birthstone ($12.USD each)
  Dyed Green Onyx  ($15.USD each)
  Genuine AA Peridot ($20.USD each)
  Genuine Arizona Peridot ($25.USD each)
  Genuine Emerald Pale ($50.USD each)
  Lab Created Emerald Fine Quality ($55.USD each)
  Lab Created Emerald Gem Quality ($65.USD each)
  Genuine Emerald A Quality ($450.USD each)

The color of the sky and ocean. One’s aspirations have begun to expand to the horizons and one’s spirit, to the depth of the sea.   September imitation birthstone ($12.USD each)
  Genuine Swiss Med. Blue Topaz ($15.USD each)
  Genuine London Blue Topaz AA Quality ($20.USD each)
  Lab Created Blue Sapphire Gem Quality ($75.USD each)
  Genuine Blue Sapphire A Quality ($125.USD each)
  Genuine Blue Sapphire A+ Quality ($135.USD each)
  Genuine Blue Sapphire AA Quality ($200.USD each)

Combines the stability of blue and the energy of red. Signifies coming to the mountain - a higher plateau of learning and accomplishment. The tree is in mid-growth and now the path becomes steep.   February imitation birthstone ($12.USD each)
  Cubic Zirconia Lavender ($12.USD each)
  Genuine Amethyst A Quality ($18.USD each)
  Genuine Amethyst AA Quality ($25.USD each)

The color of the earth, the color of solidity. One’s technique is competent, mind fertile, and spirit firm.   Genuine Mozambique Garnet ($15.USD each)
  Genuine Smoky Quartz ($15.USD each)

The fusion of colors. The journey is not over - it has just begun. You have come full circle and now the Master once again becomes the student.   Genuine Black Onyx ($15.USD each)


Please note that our gold and silver prices are based on current metal prices and are subject to change without notice.