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Photo Gallery - Watch Alvaro Coronado Making a Ring

1. Alvaro Coronado creates from this workbench

2. Alvaro Coronado cleans and prepares metal

3. Alvaro places metal dust & nuggets in crucible

4. Alvaro Coronado creates a ďsunĒ of molten gold

5. Alvaro keeps torch and tips crucible to pour

6. Alvaro pours liquid gold into ingot to form mold

7. Alvaro sets gold in mold and flame in crucible

8. Gold cools off and crucible flames burn out

9. Alvaro Coronado lifts gold with tweezers

10. Coronado removes and inspects gold ingot

11. The gold is submerged to change temperature

12. Gold Ingot is rinsed in water

13. Ingot is removed from water and inspected

14. Ingot annealed to be pliable for shaping

15. Alvaro begins rolling mill process

16. Alvaro places ingot in between both plates

17. Ingot is rolled to continue the process

18. Alvaro rolls gold again in plates to form shape

19. Alvaro removing ingot from rolling mill plates

20. Alvaro inspects gold for cracks and shaping

21. Alvaro heats the gold to make it flexible

22. Higher torch until the entire piece is heated

23. Alvaro continues shaping the gold in the mill

24. Notice the flexibility of the gold due to heat

25. Alvaro Coronado displays lengthening

26. Alvaro continues processing with heat

27. Alvaro prepares to cut using separating disc

28. The gold is shortened by cutting to length

29. Alvaro flattens by milling with roll not grooves

30. Rear view of gold as it leaves mill with curve

31. Final pass straightens piece and widens

32. Alvaro examines and straightens edges

33. Continuing to straighten edges

34. Alvaro hammers checking for durability

35. Alvaro continues process on flat side now

36. Alvaro prepares Coronado quality trademark

37. Alvaro puts gold between steel and stamp

38. Applying steady hammer pressure and stamp

39. Coronado stamp assuring quality

40. Alvaro starts hand shaping process

41. Careful use of pliers and good eye for circles

42. Alvaro shows results of precision workmanship

43. Notice the Coronado stamp is permanent

44. Gold needs reheating to again be workable

45. Slight cooking from torch to go to next step

46. The gold circle now is placed in a sizing disc

47. Alvaro makes sure the gold is the perfect fit

48. With the handle applies equal round pressure

49. Alvaro applies heat again for soldering

50. A very small piece of solder is inserted in gap

51. Heat, timing and experience melts solder

52. Solder runs to secure the circle of gold shut

53. A master like Alvaro melts solder but not ring

54. Ring is rinsed and cooled ring and re-shaped

55. Alvaro uses sandpaper to comfort fit inside

56. The inside surface is smooth and shiny now

57. Flat side is sandpapered smooth

58. Ring is flipped over and other side is smooth

59. If gold is solid and ring is shaped it is polished

60. Itís perfect so time to personally engrave

61. Ring is placed in an engravograph

62. Turn-by-Turn and letter by letter it is engraved

63. Itís engraved, its personal, its yours!
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